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Why Polar Bears? Why Am I doing this?

My work for polar bears is important to me because, one, polar bears are really cool, two, my favorite animal is a polar bear, and three, they are endangered and need all the help they can get! Polar bears are going extinct due to climate change. The globe is warming and melting their ice, meaning longer summers and shorter winters. This causes the polar bears not to be able to hunt as much on the ice because it is too thin or not there at all. 

I hope that my Hanimals work can be helpful for people to see and give hope that we can all make a difference. Many other animals are endangered from climate change, but polar bears are some of first to show big impacts. We should try to help now and prevent other animals from falling into the same danger as the polar bears. 

Please have a heart for polar bears. 



Does anyone help me with taking the pictures?

I took the pictures (mostly when I was between 7-10 years old) but my brother, mom and dad all helped with holding the animals. Sometimes that wasn’t an easy job. I remember when my mom couldn’t hold a willow eating moose for me in an icy stream, so my brother had to take over. Taking picures like his can take lots of time and can be frustrating and sometimes hard because I might take 50 pictures for every 1 you see. My mom helps me with some of the accounting and my dad is the one who taught me about photography and how to make the cards.

Where do I want to take pictures next?

I would love to go to the arctic and take pictures of my bear “Po” in his natural habitat.

What Camera do I use?

When I started taking pictures, I used a small Konica Minolta camera. Later I started to use a Nikon (D90), usually on a tripod.

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