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I run my own camps and private lessons on creative photography and entrepreneurial skills. I can even do virtual coaching if you live out-of-state. 
I charge 15$ an hour for camps and 25$ an hour for privates. 
I will supply a range of high-quality stuffed animal models, and we will place them in fun “habitat” settings and learn concepts of creative photography—composition, depth of field, shutter-speed effects, editing, along with social media and printed card considerations. We will also discuss how kids can become entrepreneurs and sell or make presents with their images on cards, calendars, bags, mugs and more.
Please email Hannah Isenhart at hanimals@gmail.com, or reach out on my contact page for more details or if you are interested.
Hanimals has been a great experience over the years for me (thanks in large part to Luckys), and I want to teach other kids how to take fun pictures and how to become creative young entrepreneurs.

About Hanimals Kids

This is a picture of some workers there after an order of cards arrived!

Teaching kids in Africa

As I grow older, I start to see how much Hanimals has helped me in life. I have learned skills that most people will never learn despite how useful these skills are. Some of the skills are: starting a business, talking to managers, selling a product, price management, responsibility, and more.

Along with learning skills, Hanimals is a place where I can get creative and enjoy nature at the same time. Recently, when I traveled to Africa where my parents were working, I was taking pictures and two kids became very interested in what I was doing. I took them out and we took pictures together—they had such a good time! That got me to thinking: I should open up my business to other, younger kids since they will learn useful skills while having fun at the same time.

Anyway, I left my stuff animals with the kids and some of my cards so that they could sell them in a local game reserve called Ol’ Pejeta. The kids are donating 1/3 of their profits to endangered African wildlife. Both of the kids were very excited and they became my first “Hanimal Kids.”

Join Us

Teaching students in field

Be a Hanimal Kid. It’s fun!

I am doing private coaching on everything you need to start your own card business—what kind of camera to use, how to stage your animals or other things in your photos, how take creative pictures, make and print greeting cards, talk to store managers, stock your rack, sell cards online, keep track of money and bills, start a bank account, and even how your parents or your friends or siblings might be able to help.

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