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I have donated to Polar Bears International (PBI) since 2007. PBI is the world’s largest polar bear conservation group dedicated to saving polar bears and their sea ice habitat. In 2008, the U.S. listed polar bears as a threatened species, saying that ice loss in the Arctic from climate change is the biggest threat to polar bears. Polar bears need the sea ice for breeding and hunting. With less sea ice, polar bears are dying off, making their population go down. Many people see my cards and make donations to PBI.

I am proud that Hanimals is a Polar Bear International Arctic Ally—”a conservation-minded small business, organization, or group that wants to make a meaningful contribution in support of PBI initiatives to help save polar bears.”

If you would like to donate to Polar Bears International, click here. Some people have also matched my contributions, and if you would like to do that, just let me know.


*this works out to be 23-28% of each cards starting sale price

Other Projects I Support

Besides helping with polar bear conservation, I have a few other projects that I support. In the future you will be able to scroll through some projects below to learn more and maybe even help. This part of my site is under construction.

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